Electrical Parts

We at Banks Auto Electrical are well connected and can locate and supply most auto electrical parts. If you're looking for that hard to find item for your personal do-up or custom build, get in touch with us! In line with our community spirit, we'll give you the best deal we can.



With all of the add-ons and accessories in the modern car, our car batteries take more than you think. Many drivers don't think about their car batteries until they run into problems, then it's time to give Banks Auto Electrical a call! We can replacerecharge, and repair most car batteries.
We stock a large variety including batteries for carsboatstruckstractorsmotorbikeslawnmowerselectric gatesand car remote batteries.

Diagnostics We specialise in performing tune ups, diagnosing and repairing computer problems, checking engine issues, fuel injection issues, SRS and ABS faults.

Banks Auto Electrical has the latest high-tech equipment to thoroughly diagnose your car
Thanks to our superior diagnostic scanning equipment, we have the ability to send information back to the computer during the resolution. Resetting crash dataSRS information or adjusting fuel mix ratios is easy!
Some jobs are best done by people, while others are best left to technology. We get the best of both worlds with our modern equipment, designed to give a proper and reliable diagnostic reading of your car. First time, every time
Our auto electricians are highly trained to use this equipment and maximise it's utility. 
You can be rest assured of the safety and reliability of your car after a diagnosis and service with us!

Car Audio

We can install many head units and gear, including those that customers bring in, and what we have in stock. We can also transfer stereo gear from vehicle to vehicle.


Car Alarms

Keep your car secure with an effective alarm system. We install automotive security systems for all Japanese and European Cars.